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La Maison de la Tête de Moine has an attractive hire offer to give you the opportunity to discover our beautiful region.

Our electric all-terrain bikes will enable you to take a tour in the fresh air, alone or with your family, and to complement it with the unique experience of fondue tasting in the heart of nature. Book without delay as the number of places is limited ...

The programme for the 5th Festival of Tête de Moine, to be held from 29th April to 1st May 2022 in Bellelay, will be maintained as far as possible.

The comedian Thomas Wiesel will be rescheduled for 29th April 2022. Pre-purchased tickets for the various activities at the 2021 event (Friday performance, giant fondue on Saturday and brunch with regional products on Sunday) will remain valid.

Event sponsor – Didier Cuche. Born in Les Bugnenets on the north slopes of the Chasseral. Alpine downhill skier with 21 World Cup victories and 6 crystal globes. Record-holder of 5 downhill victories on the Kitzbühel Streif. Named Swiss Personality of the Year in 2011. He enjoys red wine, cheese and the delights of eating.

The guest of honour at the event will be Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP. Stronger or delicate, powerful or smooth, but always generous, discover the wealth of character of Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP with its irresistible variations.

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You can find out how Tête de Moine is made in the traditional manner.
  • 14:00: Start of the manufacturing process (heating to renneting temperature)
  • 14:30: Renneting (coagulation of the milk with the rennet)
  • 15:00: De-curdling (cutting) then stirring and heating of the grains and whey
  • 15:30: Removal of the cheese and filling the moulds
Wednesday 06.07.2022 14:00-16:00
Thursday 14.07.2022 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 03.08.2022 14:00-16:00
Thursday 11.08.2022 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 17.08.2022 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 24.08.2022 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 31.08.2022 14:00-16:00
Thursday 13.10.2022 14:00-16:00
Wednesday 19.10.2022 14:00-16:00

This year Tête de Moine is celebrating 20 years since it was first registered as a protected designation of origin (PDO) product. Find out more about the events being held from 1st May 2021 at La Maison de la Tête de Moine.

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